About Us

The currency of business is no longer money it’s perception. Take care of your customers and profit will follow.  This premise is the cornerstone of the worlds most successful businesses and it’s absence from any firm is rarely from a lack of will, more commonly lack of opportunity (time).

Why CyperSmart

  • Focus
  • Passion /  Vision
  • Our team
  • Resources
  • Values
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Accreditation
  • Product neutral
The objective is now and should always be the customers experience.

Engaging CyperSmart as an experienced coach to walk through the process and / or an expert assistant / facilitator for sub committees, broadens your pool of knowledge, shortens the time to break even, saves money from the pursuit of ineffective strategy and keeps your projects focused on the customers perceived value.

CyperSmart is both a consulting agency and community, passionate to engage a modern customer focus practices. Our goal is to help organizations find their vision and transform themselves from within, then transform their value chains and disrupt industries for the better.

The CyperSmart mission is to empower Ecosystems to deliver true value to customers and we understand we cannot do this alone. We seek to unite like minded customers and suppliers in collaboration to find pathways, build bridges and overcome obstacles.

There is no destination only a rewarding journey that will build capabilities into our businesses, most of which we will be largely unaware we need at present.

Our team is comprised of a number of highly skilled individuals with specialties in delivery into commercial enterprise, NGO, Not-for-profit and government organizations. The Management practices team heads up strategy and program design, acquisitions with oversight of project through transformation. Technology practices team has a wide range of certified individuals with experience covering all aspects of:  – Project management – Application Management – IT Operations Management – Visualization – Business Automation – Continuous Delivery – Networking – Security.

Management practices lead: Martin Hannah (MAPIM, CPPM) is an seasoned director with over 20 years experience C-level executive, project manager and change agent. Completed in excess of 90 organization wide transformation projects in semi government, education and professional development and peak body organizations.

Technology practice lead: Terry Masters (CPPM) has over 15 years experience as Senior Architect, Product and Project Manager for cloud development, an experienced scrum master and development team lead. He has specialties in design of continuous deliver platforms based on Atlassian, Docker, Jenkins and is frequently engaged in cloud / on premise  with infrastructure design using Amazon and/or Azure.

CyperSmart provides it’s customers with a variety of externally hosted and proprietary project management tools to  run your projects. These tools are of benefit in ensuring project activities and account abilities stay on target.

All stakeholders from project members to executive teams have visibility of the status of projects and related activities through the web and mobile platforms. A CyperSmart customer is free to use the platform at no cost for life.

On line resources include procedural documentation (test cases) on mapped business processes that can be downloaded as MS Word and included within internal documentation, or used within job descriptions and performance reviews.

CyperSmart provides tools for activity based costing, time recording (on mobile), meeting scheduler, Asset management (digital and physical), private social networks  and / or links with external networks such as LinkedIn, Yammer and others.

To get the level of collaboration right with our customers at CyperSmart we believe you need to know our values so you understand us and ask the right questions.

  • Honesty
  • Give to get
  • Loyalty begets profit
  • Don’t promise .. Facilitate
  • Good coaches listen more than they talk
  • Why use a lot of words, when a few will resonate further
  • The peacemaker on premise
  • Manage time well (we have so little of it)
  • Work life balance requires systems to work well before it can be contagious
  • Innovation as a capability is the new norm
  • Everyone can be creative
  • People stay when they can see why they belong
CyperSmart is passionate about excellence in customer service and confident in the value it contributes. But if your not convinced of the benefits of our services after the first engagement, CyperSmart will refund any fees paid in full, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

Our goal is to make ourselves redundant, to pass on to workers the capability to manage projects in-house. CyperSmart has no lock in contracts, and can scale up and down it’s consultative involvement, whilst your company can continue to use our on line resources.

CyperSmart and it’s partners provide transformation training programs to support businesses wishing to infect their firms with new skills, and the willingness and opportunity to use them.  Training takes many forms from formal class room on line and informal on the job training within projects.

CyperSmart tracks and reports to management on the progress of participants towards a set of core competencies, that are used for rewards / incentives and review.

Success was never a question of using the right tools, it has been and always will be in the premise behind and the use of systems that work in harmony with existing human capital.

We best serve our customers by remaining vendor agnostic and finding the best fit for product, capabilities, functionality, existing and potential talent pools within the organization.