• Management support
  • Technology selection
  • Implementation
Regardless of where you are in your journey,  there are a number of services here to help:

  • Strategy design
    • Research and feasibility
    • Strategy plan writing, contributing or review
    • Marketing plans
    • Digital strategy formulation and implementation
    • Communications plans
  • Selection
    • Business requirements analysis
    • RFA / Tender preparation and publication
    • Draft and finalization of Contract / Supply or Service level agreement(s)
    • Vendor selection process
    • Contract negotiation process
  • Implementation
    • Program design and project kick start
    • Executive steering committee
    • Vendor contract and delivery management
    • Transition management
    • Skills transfer
    • Talent development
    • Post project review
Navigation of the variety of vendor technology candidates to support your strategies is just the start. Implementing these, keeping a lid on the cost of ownership,  developing supplier relations that are beneficial to all parties, sustaining technological compatibility and future proofing your investments are a very different but complimentary set of skills. Which items do you outsource and which form a part of your organizations “core strategic competencies” and need to be retained as a competitive strategy.

Whilst most organizations retain some of these capabilities it is rare to find them all and to a sufficient level of capability to manage the rate at which technology is changing today.

Outsourcing this function to CyperSmart draws upon a pool of individuals who regularly research and participate in these projects with other customers  forming a melting pot of know how for you to draw upon.

Simply put, its our business to know and we make it our business to know the answer or know the person that has the answer.

More projects fail in the execution than in the planning stages. Failure to realistically estimate time, scope, cost, resource are only the beginning. Failure to spell out expectations using mutually acceptable terminology is the greatest cause of scope creep. Correctly assessing vendor skills, and their ability to find and retain the right people are essential to a projects success (no one likes to be training and retraining vendor staff on their organizations nuances because their  staff members keep changing) . Stakeholder engagement, change management, communications and misaligned expectations are the project “silent killers”.

CyperSmart ‘s proprietary implementation framework is a comprehensive network of processes for projects of all sizes, comprising of “program containers” that use Prince2, Water fall and Agile principles to build your implementation framework for programs. These containers are structured to accommodate projects within projects as is the case in modern programs. In 2015 the framework and it’s processes were reassessed as compliant to BSB51413 as outlined by the Australian Government training initiative. It contains check lists, procedures, critical path maps, job descriptions sample agenda’s tutorials, vendor guidelines that have been proven in hundreds of projects of all sizes.