14 Jul

VorsightBP Research – How to lead customers to buying decision

Telling prospects what they need and why will lead to a buying decision, right? Maybe not. Research shows persuading customers to draw their own conclusions can be a much more powerful sales strategy. Why? Because people value their own conclusions more than what they’re told, and they value what they ask for more than what’s freely offered.

VorsightBP, is innovative think tank known for its disruptive approach to sales effectiveness. During the webinar, Denise LaStoria, Sales Consultant and Master Facilitator at VorsightBP will explain how to persuade customers to decide what they need—on their own—by asking the right questions at the right time in the customer’s buying decision journey. You’ll learn:

  • How to engage clients with provocative questions at every stage in the sales cycle
  • Examples of questions to ask and a discussion of their impact and effectiveness
  • How to provide insight that increases perceived value

Download video study notes.